What are Microsites?

Microsites or Feeder Sites as some call them are small websites that feed information back into your website and build up reputation and can help increase conversion. This can be debated greatly as no one has actually proved that it works fully. We are trying to do that though at the moment.

We offer a range of microsites that can help feed your web systems and help feed your website with quality backlinks and links to boost your rankings. Most people don't think that having secondary sites can help but it really can if they are authoritive.

Don't be conned into rubbish WordPress microsites as they will not help you rank as the code will always be the same on every site if they are doing multiples you need a managed microsite system in order to boost rankings greatly.

Our microsites come programmed to randomise content across the system and sites. Even sites on seperate servers and across the web, we use a system and protocols that do not get you banned and are not tracable to eachother and can be managed from a single server system.

The CMS can be accessed to make tweak or change footer setting, header setting across all sites in one go. A truely scalable product.

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