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Basic SEO Tactics

Get more from your SEO with some seriously clever basic techniques. Most people don't know how to harness the power of thier website and how it can affect the usage of thier site over time and impressions and clicks. We can give you some clever helpful hints.

1. Doing nothing helps no one. If you have a spare minute do something that could help your SEO efforts.

2. Don't assume your competitors don't know your tactics or how you aim to achieve your goal. Just set that goal and hit it!

3. Don't build rubbish links, check a domains authority and trust before laying down and link this is so important as you don't want rubbish links.

4. Know your market and what they are looking for and target those search terms and make sure you can get a good authrity on the lesser seen keywords.

5. Don't waste good link power make sure it is tagged appropriately and has the right amount of information attached.

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